First, advertising

1. All channels of Foshan TV broadcast a large number of advertisements in the world of beans in prime time.

2. In 2013, Miss Zhujiang’s image ambassador campaign sponsored the sponsoring unit and broadcasted the promotional film 2,000 times.

Second, advertising materials, equipment delivery

1. For the customers with terminal stores, they can customize the billboards and sun umbrellas that are based on the world of beans. The sun umbrellas are retailed at one point, and each piece of advertising clothes is 2 pieces.

2. For customers with terminal stores, configure freezer refrigerators with the world map of beans, and each refrigerator will receive an appropriate deposit;

Single door freezer deposit: yuan / Taiwan.

Double door freezer deposit: yuan / Taiwan.

All the freezers will issue an official receipt to the customer. If the customer returns the freezer, the deposit must be refunded with the receipt already issued.

3. Free delivery, the delivery vehicle is equipped with cooling function, the vehicle is equipped with a turnover box (receive the appropriate ------- deposit) to replace and register every time delivery, the volume of each delivery is The filled freezer is full of standard.

4. Foam incubator: The fee is RMB/person. (The company-specific label is attached)


Third, the distribution cooperation model:

Authorized system customer special dealers by our company;

(Partnership conditions: legal operation)

4. Delivery costs: / batch, depending on the region.

     2. Return processing: All the products that have been shipped have passed the strict quality inspection without quality problems, and will not be returned or exchanged.

3. Tips: The product is food. If it is found to be leaky and the taste is sour, it cannot be eaten. It should be explained to all customers in advance.

4. The company has a professional team to provide after-sales service tracking.