The company adheres to the lofty concept of “Industry to serve the country and benefit the society”. It is committed to the development and utilization of agricultural resources, building industry leaders around the deep processing of agricultural products, effectively promoting the optimization and adjustment of local agricultural structure, and promoting the expansion and upgrading of related industries with agricultural industrialization. The road to success in industrialization to improve agriculture, industrialization to become rich, and urbanization to develop rural areas is social responsibility. In 2013, the local government granted the company a leading agricultural enterprise.

  The company has always adhered to the "integrity / cooperation / win-win, common development philosophy, adhere to the "quality, reputation first" business purposes, share information and resources with customers, create a win-win situation, committed to providing consumers with safe and healthy Nutritional food, looking forward to the future, Guangdong Biquan Food Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to be based on the main business, soy products and ready-to-eat convenience food industry will continue to grow stronger and bigger, and will gradually enter the overseas market to find more and wider business opportunities. At the same time, as the company continues to grow and develop, we will gradually enter the high-tech industry.

  Let us work together to fully implement the food safety project and promote the prosperity and development of the social economy.