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First, advertisement injecting
1.All channels of Foshan television station broadcast mass bean world advertisings in prime time.
2.Campaign sponsor of 2013 Miss Zhujiang image ambassador, broadcast 2000 times advertising videos irregularly

Second, advertising material & equipment injecting 
1.Provide customers having terminal stores with customized billboard and sun umbrella with bean world pattern, 1 sun umbrella and 2 advertising cloths to each retail store
2.Provide customers having terminal stores with freezer and refrigerator with bean world pattern. Each refrigerator is charged appropriate guarantee deposit.
Single-door freezer charge      yuan guarantee deposit for each.
Double-door freezer charge      yuan guarantee deposit for each.
All freezers, we will issue official receipts to customers. When customer return freezer, customer can get returned guarantee deposit by issued receipt.
3.Free home delivery service, delivery car equipped with freezing function, car equipped with turnover box (charged appropriate guarantee deposit). Please replace and register in each home delivery. The volume of each home delivery takes full freezer as standard.
4.Foam heat insulation case: Charged fee is    yuan/each. (Attached with company special label)

Third, dealer cooperation mode:
Our company authorize systemic customer as franchised dealer. (Cooperation condition: Legal operation)

1.Distribution fee:    /each batch, depending on different regions
2.Returns processing: All manufactured products have strict quality testing without quality problem; no any goods return treatment acceptable.
3.Warning notice: Our products are instant food. If any air leakage or sour taste, the food can not eat. Please inform to all customers in advance.
4.Our professional team will provide after-sales service tracking.

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