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First,company advantage
1.Our company has been authorized as Guangdong Private Science and Technology Enterprise, Nanhai Agriculture Leading Enterprise, etc. by national relevant departments.
2.We invest a lot to build high-standard & modernized factory, including cleaning workshop meeting national QS health and safety standard.
3.We possess several domestic technology-leading production equipments. The whole production process is finished in cleaning workshop, having high-effective and high-quality advantages.

Second,product advantages
1.Landscape bean curd of bean world series are all finished by automation equipments to ensure health and safety, without any hand touch from raw material to finished products in the whole production process.
2.The production process of bean world series product use the most advanced three-layer centrifugal technique, which keep the bean nutritional ingredients, like protein, to a great content.
3.Landscape bean curd of bean world series use pasteurization and low-temperature storage. Our quality meets the related regulations of national food health and safety.
4.Landscape bean curd of bean world series have such features as health, safe, good original taste, both cold & hot available, for all ages, convenient and instant, etc.

Third,price advantages
Ensure recognized retailers get 100% rate of margin.

Forth,bean world landscape bean curd promotion
1.Advertisement injecting, like advertisement on bus, delivery car, taxi on-board television advertising, outdoor large billboard, advertising umbrella, etc.
2.Television advertisement: long-term strategic cooperation partner with Foshan television station, deliver a series of advertising, 6000 times half year, on Foshan news comprehensive channel, public channel, TV channel prime time.
3.Big outdoor promotional activities
(1) Special undertaker of 2013 Pearl River Delta leisure joy festival - Wong Feihung Cup, the 7th national south & north lion king championship double-lion challenge match and Chinese military scholar championship.
(2) Campaign sponsor of 2013 Miss Zhujiang image ambassador, broadcast 2000 times advertising videos irregularly.
(3) Irregular big outdoor activities are promoting continuously.

Fifth,strong sales policy
1.Promote free test-meal and big promotion activities irregularly.
2.Customize billboard, light box, sun umbrella, poster, automobile body advertising, etc. for customers.
3.Provide customers having terminal stores with freezer and refrigerator with bean world pattern.

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