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Hello, welcome to the official website of Guangdong Biquan Food Science and Technology Co., Ltd. 

Through our website, you can learn about our establishment, development history and development version of Guangdong Biquan Food Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Fifteen years ago, our current company chairman Zeng Xingyuan, established Foshan Biquan Food Co., Ltd., the predecessor of Guangdong Biquan Food Science and Technology Co., Ltd. From that time, we began to establish the business of bean product solid drink. We use ten years to become a well-known enterprise for China bean product solid drink and convenient food. Especially, “Bixue” bean curd, soybean milk series makes us to be the leader of domestic industry. Being favored by consumers, our products sell well in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, etc. 

“Decade of grinding sword”, with our continuous development, in 2009, we began our address selection plan to build a modernized big food high-tech production base. In December, 2009, we signed investment project with Foshan Nanhai Xiqiao Science and Technology Industrial Park. With total investment 200 million yuan, we build over 30 acres’ production base in Xiqiao Science and Technology Industrial Park entrepreneurial avenue. Our first phase investment 120 million yuan is planned to put into production in 2013, the second phase investment 80 million yuan finished in 2015. Our industrial park put into land service in 2012, began comprehensive construction in April 2012 and put into production in June 2013 with named as “Guangdong Biquan Food Science and Technology Co., Ltd.” 

Taking bean product solid/liquid drink and instant convenient food as our major business, we are a big modernized food enterprise integrated production, sales and R&D as one. To meet the needs of the times, we commit to the R&D from traditional food to industrialization one. We stick to the development road of “technology innovation and winning by brand”. Relying on unique resource advantage, leading profession advantage, advanced production equipment, complete accessory advantage, excellent product cost performance advantage and domestic high-coverage market advantage, we take lead in introducing the operation concept of “high-quality vegetable protein, innovative new concept of traditional food”. We keep on leading the new development direction of domestic bean product industry. Abiding by “quality = life” entrepreneurial purpose, through completely improving raw material quality, we strengthen all high-tech quality safety control in production process, which enable our product to keep high-quality and nutrition in the complex process from countryside to dining table.

Sticking to the noble idea of “serving the country by industrial development and benefiting the community”, we commit to taking use of agricultural resources, building industrial leader around agricultural product deep-processing, effectively driving the optimization and adjustment of local agricultural structure and driving the expansion and upgrade of related industries by agricultural industrialization. We walk a successful road of “industrialization improving agriculture” “industrialization getting farmers rich” “urbanization developing countryside”. In 2013, our local government authorized our company to be a leading agricultural enterprise.

Abiding by our common development concept of “integrity, cooperation, win-win”, we stick to the operation tenet of “quality first and credit first”. To get win-win situation, we share information and resource with customers. We commit to providing first-class healthy and nutritional product to consumers. Look into the future, we will set foot on our major business and make our bean product and instant convenient food industry bigger and stronger. To seek for more and wider business opportunities, we march into oversea market. Meanwhile, with continuous development and expansion, we will gradually enter into high-tech industry.

Let us work hard together to completely implement food safety project and to promote the prosperous development of society economy.

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